BSI Swiss Architectural Award 2012 Drucken

 Studio Mumbai wins the third BSI Swiss Architectural AwardStudio Mumbai (India) has won the third BSI Swiss Architectural Award, the international award sponsored by the BSI Architectural Foundation, under the aegis of the Swiss Federal Office for Culture in Bern and the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture (Università della Svizzera Italiana), and organised by the Archivio del Moderno in Mendrisio.
The prize, which totals CHF 100,000 – making the BSI Swiss Architectural Award one of the most lucrative architecture prizes in the world today – will be presented to the winer on 20 September 2012 at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (Switzerland) at a ceremony that will also mark the launch of the exhibition of works submitted by the candidates.

This is the third BSI Swiss Architectural Award, which is presented every two years, and aims to draw the public’s attention to young architects from all over the world, whose work has made a significant contribution to contemporary architectural theory and practice, and who have shown particular sensitivity to landscape and the environmental context.

The 2012 winner, Studio Mumbai, was selected from 26 candidates from 12 countries. The jury voted unanimously to award the prize to Studio Mumbai for the quality of the works presented and the originality of the process from which they were created: “a process based on a refined craftsmanlike knowledge that is reinterpreted and enhanced through the constant interaction of design and construction, and a collective working method in which the various contributions come together inextricably to create the end result. In these works the relationship with local tradition stems from the concrete action of creating (rather than from a specific formal or typological repertoire) and throws the very nature of the creative act into question, drawing from an empirical orientation that paves the way to fertile developments".
As Mario Botta, chairman of the jury, explains, “what is striking at Studio Mumbai are the methods involved in the creative process and the search for a relationship with history and the memory of place. This evolves into a contemporary language constructed on embedded layers of knowledge, rather than a sinking into nostalgia. I am pleased to think that in these years of globalisation there is a return to expert craftsmanship such that architecture can once again be, first and foremost, a cultivated and erudite expression of human endeavour”.